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Home nursing to regenerate the town

Good neighbors

Nurse&Craft is creating social impact by addressing the problems resulting from Japan’s aging society.

In Japan’s unprecedented aging society known as “The Age of 100”, our aim is to create an improved society where everyone can live a prosperous life without worrying about their health or finances—so people can embrace challenges today without worrying about their future.


We create social impact by ensuring the sustainability of local medical and nursing care infrastructure, building systems in depopulated areas rich in resources that allow individuals to engage in healthy activities offering a sense of purpose while also revitalising towns. We want to create a society where everyone has hope for the future and can look back at the end of their lives and say, "That was an inspiring life."

For future generations, we will leave behind a place where people can continue to live in abundance while developing medical care infrastructure and healthcare while utilising natural capital.

Our base is located on Osakishimojima Island in the Seto Inland Sea, which belongs to Hiroshima Prefecture. The island is depopulating and aging rapidly, but it is a place with a classic Japanese landscape rich in nature, surrounded by a calm sea and citrus fruits.

2312 Yutakamachi Kubi,
Kure-shi, Hiroshima-ken 734-0304